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Why Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Is A MUST HAVE?

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When you come across hundreds of online portals selling the handheld vacuum cleaners and preaching the benefits of handheld vacuum cleaner in their blogs or articles, do you wonder “Do I really need this?” or “Why should I buy it when I have my trusted vacuum cleaner I have been using all these years?” or “ Does the handheld vacuum cleaner really delivers what it promises?”

If yes, then this guest post of mine would help you erase all your doubts you have in your mind regarding the handheld vacuum cleaner.

My experience with my traditional, large sized vacuum cleaner and then switching to a handheld vacuum cleaner has been very beneficial.

When I say that handheld vacuum cleaner is a must have for every household; I second my opinion with the positive feedbacks and reviews posted online by thousands of delighted users.

I have compiled following aspects based upon my personal experience and analysis of critical reviews of the handheld users.


  • Because a broom or mop cannot do what a handheld vacuum cleaner can do:


A mop and broom cannot reach out to the nooks and corners of the areas that by irony need the most of the cleaning.


Your kitchen has food spills on the floor; your living area has the debris particles, pet hair and allergens on the carpet, under the furniture, on and in the nooks & gaps of the cushioned furniture; and all such areas of complex cleaning cannot really be cleaned perfectly with a broom and mop.


A handheld vacuum cleaner reaches out to the smallest of the areas and its usage is simple and effortless. The handheld vacuum cleaner gets you rid off the allergens that affect your health the most when using the broom. The handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for the carpet cleaning, foot mat cleaning, cushion-cleaning.



  • Because a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot do what a handheld vacuum cleaner can do:


Your traditional vacuum cleaner is large, heavy weight and not so-good-looking equipment. The size, weight and limited features of a traditional vacuum cleaner restricts its usage from more frequent use for small spills, car cleaning, narrow area cleaning etc.


A handheld vacuum cleaner has a small size and thus a lesser weight that makes it more user- friendly. It can be easily carried from one place to other, can be effortlessly used frequently for minor needs, can be efficiently used to clean the car and store in the car tank itself for long trip needs.


The compact size makes it very easy to store or even hang to wall without using much of your storeroom space. The light weight makes it compatible to be used by everyone.


Being cordless ad battery operated, you do not need to keep looking for a power plug near to area of use, as required by the traditional vacuum cleaner.




  • Because a handheld vacuum cleaner has features that you will love:


COMPACT SIZE: It can be stored in very small area, transported in car, lifted and used very effortlessly and can be operated even by young children under the guidance.


-LIGHT WEIGHT: Being light-weight, It makes you believe that cleaning is not a very tiring job after-all. It can be easily lifted to clean areas that you otherwise think are the toughest parts to be cleaned.


-HANDHELD: It can be used without caring for the power source. Once charged, the battery is enough to stand the good cleaning routine. Being cordless makes it safer with kids and pets around.


-MULTI-USE ACCESSORIES: It has various accessories to do variant cleaning jobs like the staircase vacuuming brush, narrow sucking mouth, wide sucking mouth, carpet cleaning brush, large object cleaning hose, washable dust storage bag etc.


-NOISELESS: All of the above features without that usual irritating noise that you have to tolerate with the traditional vacuum cleaners.


So, all in all, a handheld vacuum cleaner is worth its investment and it is going to deliver the good returns on its investment.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a must have for multi-purpose usage like car cleaning, carpet cleaning, staircase carpet cleaning at houses, hospitals, hotels, pet stores etc.


This guest post was written by Bryan McDonald expert on handheld vacuum cleaner over 5 years of experience that writes for vacuumcleanerpicking.com

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