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Valentines day gift for co-workers

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Valentines day gift

Valentine days  festivity is not only restricted among couples, husband ,wife as like earlier thoughts but now  its celebration  spreading  out  towards children, neighbor, co-workers ,teachers those who  living around you at all.

Whereas some people thinking to re-build up relationship with their colleague, other think there need to keep distance with them. The second group approach is wrong. If you have good relationship with your colleagues and you are working in a team then it will give good impact on your work, environment will be positive and total result will be fruitful.

valentine day

Since V days is colorful, very cute and heart touching therefore you can plan now to celebrate this day with your mates and become closer to their heart.

If you are working in a team then it’s very easier to you. Bring away homemade foods like cake, cookies and share this to everyone. Homemade cookies will be welcomed to them as always because these are tasty comfortably casual. Make vanilla, pineapple or foam cake with heart-shaped for them. This is cheap and looks beautiful. Or give them chocolate, candy this is not also a bad idea, right?

Treat individually:

You can buy a little boxes of chocolates and cards .If you are very busy with you work ,it is nothing about worry. You can buy this to your nearer shop, don’t need to go big super market .Buying ornaments is also a good idea like ear ring, bracelet. You just will go to market and see they are offering variety gift items with cheap rate.If You are confused and think  what you will buy then just take card as this classical, unique gift to all and not comparable with others thing.

Here another one idea of coffee mug. Sometime you observed   your colleague using your  coffee mug during having water or coffee  as they do not have individual mug. So you can give them nice coffee mug adding their name and write down some jokes or funny comments relate to them individually. It will make them fun and you can apply this.

Go with internet:

At the present time every office communicates through email. So why not you taking chance? You can sent nice mail or sent e-cards to all as a valentines greeting. During card selection you can apply technique like serious boss, clown, and make up lady. There is lots of website and you will get the perfect one from this.

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Arrange lunch:

This is common scenario to have lunch with your colleague inside in your  office but if you take initiative to arrange lunch outside close to your office then everybody appreciate your idea and this will make come closer.

In addition if there is someone among your colleague to whom you like very much but not yet telling .May be felling shilly-shally. Pls give up all your shyness and give anything from below:

  • Nice gift  cards
  • Heart shape candle holder
  • CD or DVD
  • flower bouquet
  • Valentines pencil or pen
  • Red coffee  mug filled with chocolate or Cadburys.
  • Heart shape note book
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Don’t hide yourselves in front of your colleague. Just go and give red rose’s .Assume your colleague will become clear. But do t do this in front of others. This is hide  and seek game.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



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