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Top 4 Best Luggage for Travels of 2015

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Top Best Luggage for Travels 2014

When it comes to traveling, whether it’s across the country or internationally, your luggage is what transports your items and keeps them safe. Choosing the best luggage for your travels is crucial to an enjoyable travel without any hassles. Choosing the best luggage for you may not be as simple as you think, you need to consider its functionality, weight, mobility, pockets, and more. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of luggage’s out there, all with their own merits and disadvantages.

Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may need a durable luggage that can handle harsh conditions like Africa and Egypt, or perhaps you have a business meeting, you will need something stylish, mobile and functional. Some of the most common luggage’s used today include the following.

Best Luggage for Travels

  1. Tumi Carry-OnThe Tumi Carry-On is excellent for those that travel quite often, but don’t travel to areas where the environment is harsh on the luggage. The style is not the best, but it brings mobility, light weight and functionality to the table where style isn’t needed. Although costly, it is the typical luggage used by an average person, since it is balanced between all categories. If you’re looking for all-in-one, this is your go-to luggage…
  2. Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 This luggage is best known for its durability, like most durable luggage’s, it isn’t too stylish. If you’re looking to travel to a country with harsh environments for vacation then this is the best luggage for the job. However, it you’re planning on staying for long durations, choosing a luggage for its pure durability would be a better choice.
  3. Tasmania Polycarbonate 3-Piece Expandable Spinner Luggage – Quite popular and well-known for its lightweight and durable. Most durable luggage’s are heavier than normal, which is the Tasmania luggage is popular. It takes two features you wouldn’t normally see in a luggage and applies them. However, the functionality and style on this luggage is not its strong suit.
  4. Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access – Its strong point is the fact that it is incredibly functional. This luggage keeps all it’s stored in an organized manner even with all the movement. There are storage pockets of all sizes. However, the size of the luggage is lacking and will not satisfy your needs if you’re planning on going on a long trip. However, if you’re on a business trip where you need your laptop and a few pair of clothes, then this is just perfect.

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