Tips on Using Real Christmas Trees

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I really like to use real Christmas trees instead of artificial trees because there is just something about them, something magical. I grew up in the time before artificial trees became so popular. So that was all I ever knew.When I was a child, my dad and I would go out in the forest and find just the right tree to use every year. It was such a rush…knowing that it would not be long before Ol’ Santa would be making his rounds.

Tips on Using Real Christmas Trees

Now that it is getting close to the Christmas season, I thought I would pass on some of my tips for using real Christmas trees.

After you have picked out your tree

If you purchased your tree from a Christmas tree lot, the grocery store, or where ever. If it was wrapped in a plastic mesh, you will need to get this off as soon as possible.After cutting off the mesh, place the tree in a “tree stand”, one that has a place to put water. Then saw off about an inch off the base of the tree. Center the tree in the stand and tighten the screws into the tree. Make sure the tree is standing straight up and down, not leaning in any one direction. Find a place to let it stand for a couple of days to regain its shape.

Be sure to put some water in the stand. Some tree lot owners will nail a wooden tree stand into the base, I suggest you remove it and do the above. They do this to let the trees start getting their shape back before they are sold.

A tree stands

The main reason I suggest using a tree stand, is to keep the tree from drying out. If the tree dries out, it becomes a fire hazard. Also, if the tree dries out, the needles will start falling off -making a mess in the floor below it.So check the water level every day. Add water as needed. After Christmas when all the Christmas presents have been opened and the Christmas cheer has faded. It’s time to pack up the Christmas decorations and take down the tree.

Getting the tree out of the house can be a very messy chore. Even if you kept the tree watered, it will dry out to some extent.

The best way I’ve found to remove the tree, without making a big mess is to use one of your bedding flat sheets.Using it the long way, from top to bottom. Carefully wrap the base of the tree with one end of the sheet, gathering all the material around the base of the tree.

-Use either plastic zip ties or duct tape to attach the sheet to the base of the tree.

Next, carefully wrap the sides of the sheet around the rest of the tree. Hopefully, the sheet will be long enough to cover the entire tree.Then, tape the top of the sheet together

After you have the tree wrapped, loosen the screws of the tree stand. Carefully pick the tree up and carry out the door.

If you still want an artificial tree check here for the best artificial trees on amazon

I hope these tips will help you this Christmas season.Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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