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How to manage cute Nail Designs 2014

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Nails fashion is something taken seriously in the today’s fashion. Every woman is doing beyond limits to make sure they keep well-maintained and cute nails. Surprisingly, some are able to match their outfits with their nail designs. However, I sometimes wonder how some girls or even women get out of their homes with their nails not done. It is so ironical that you are wearing so nicely while your nails look so bad! The way a girl has done her nails dictates a lot on her character. To me well done well-done nails shows responsibility, as in how she can give attention to small details.

Cute looking nails need very simple materials. For cute nail designs, you should purchase simple tools such as nail polish which can be of any color. You will also need to have nail dotters and nail strippers. These two will be useful in making different nail patterns. You also need stationery tapes for creating straight lines, stripes as well as other geometric designs. Some people make use of nail art brushes and sponges. The above are enough to start up nail designing.

We those materials, you can make your nails look as unique as you want. It depends on your creativity. You can try out simple designs, such as dotted design, plain design or flower design. You can also incorporate your friend to do it for you as you chart. However, before you do all that you should first do your nails some manicure before you apply nail polish. You should work quickly after applying nail polish because tends to dry quickly. It is important to have basic nail designs in mind before starting working on your nails. After finishing with your work, I am sure you have managed the design you wanted, try to wear cloves while doing household chores and other tasks to reduce damage to your nails.

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