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10 Thank You Gift Ideas – Choose The Gift Of Your Dreams

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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

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Here are ten enchanting homemade gift ideas for every person and occasion. Choose the gift of your dreams. May all your gift-giving wishes come true!

#1. Fake Window with a View

Thank You Gift Ideas

These enchanting homemade gift ideas are perfect for someone working in a windowless cube. Place a paneled picture frame over a scenic poster, and then add fake light for the illusion of sunlight.

#2. Light Bulb Flower Vase

You Gift Ideas - Choose the gift of your dreams

These enchanting homemade gift ideas are perfect for anyone who loves greenery. Learn how to hollow an incandescent light bulb and turn it into a miniature vase. Then fill the vase with flowers or herbs for the kitchen, office or bathroom.

#3. Miniature Wheelbarrow Garden

These captivating homemade gift ideas are perfect for the gardeners. It all starts with a miniature wheelbarrow, which you turn into a charming garden planted with herbs for a kitchen, or with fragrant bulbs for decorating any room. I’ll tell you where to find the wheelbarrow and how to plant it for a beautiful effect.

#4. Romantic Poetry-Scroll

These enthralling handmade gift ideas are very personal and perfect for almost every occasion. First you’ll print the ideal poem or greeting on plain printer paper. Then you’ll age the paper to look old, tarnished, and burned (like an ancient scroll).

#5. Cascading Picture Frame Display

These charming handmade gift ideas are ideal for older family members on your gift list, like grandparents or great aunts. All you have to do is glue cheap crafting frames at cascading angles, and then choose similarly hued photos to display in the frames. The effect is stunning and ideal for displaying nature photos as well as pets and family members.

#6. Beaded Curtain

These delightful homemade gift ideas are perfect for anyone who loves exotic home decorating. Learn how to string glass beads together to form a beaded curtain treatment that will glitter in the sunlight.

#7. Dog Stairs for Beds

These enthralling homemade gift ideas are perfect for dog lovers. Instead of buying expensive, ugly plastic dog stairs build dog stairs yourself out of wood. You can then make the stairs as tall or wide as you like, to make them perfect for the body size of the dog in question.

#8. Enchanting Women’s Shoes

Choose the gift of your dreams

This enchanting homemade gift idea is ideal for women with a unique style. Don’t spend a fortune on designer shoes. Instead, buy simple shoes but add chic and grace to them using unexpected items found in hair accessory stores

#9. Decorative Handcrafted Box

This delightful handmade gift idea is ideal for women. By sanding and staining old boxes you can return them to life. Then a simple technique of handcrafted painting will turn those ordinary boxes into charming containers ideal for storing recipes, jewelry, letters, old photos, or cherished holiday keepsakes.

#10. Vintage Wall Art

This enchanting handmade gift idea is perfect for women who love everything vintage. A simple technique turns kitchen towels, old fabrics, buttons, thimbles, and other sewing supplies into framed art that celebrates creativity and the traditions of home-making.

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