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Christmas, a worldwide festival, is above any class or religion or status. This is the only occasion where people of each and every country comes out of their status and enjoy it with the other people. Now Christmas has become all about giving gifts to others like brother, mother, sister, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or only friend or anybody. Christmas looks incomplete without these gifting facts. Actually gifting contains all the good wishes and prays from the givers. But all the people cannot just go market to buy any expensive gift to give it to their dear people.  For those people, this article is about the cheap gifting ideas.

Earning capability of all the people is not same. So some people can buy costly gifts where others cannot. But money is not a factor if you really want to give something to someone special. By applying some rules and ideas you can buy good gifts for your special persons. If your budget is low, do not be hopeless in any part of life wherever any obstacles come. Just have faith in yourself.  Here I would like to provide you some ideas which can help you for cheap

– Here I would like to provide you some ideas which can help you for cheap Christmas gifts.


Top Cheap Christmas gift ideas, Cheap yet awesome:

Coffee or tea mug with tea or coffee box

If your budget is very low or you don’t want to spend a lot of money for Christmas gift, a tea or coffee mug with the person’s favorite tea or coffee packet is a perfect idea for Christmas. You can buy mug where good wishes are written. In this way you can wish also for the Christmas.

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Decorated jar with beautiful flower

Though it is not costly, you can be special and unique by giving this gift to the certain person. First go to market and buy a jar under $7. Then decorate it nicely with some beautiful flower. This thing may not show lot of money, but definitely make the person happy. Try to give the persons favorite flower in the jar.

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Kitty or puff


Little girls or school girls just love kitty or puff. Those girls wait for a long time for those gifts. Every Christmas the surely wish for it and these are not expensive though. So you can gift it without any tension to your little sister or relative.

Pet for pet lovers

If you want to gift something to someone who loves pet, you can gift him little cat or dog or rabbi or parrot. He or she will definitely go crazy by having this gift. These things are cheap also. So if you are in short of money, do not be tensed.

Travel or cooking guide


A lot people are there who loves to travel and see the world. You can be owner of this trip partially by gifting him a nice tour guide. This guide will help him or may be lead him back to the home. Ladies just love to cook and make people happy. You can give cooking guide book to your mother, sister or wife. Those guide books are cheap and found almost in everywhere. This way you can make people happy without spending too much money.

Homemade cookies or deserts

In the market, we can easily buy cookies or desert in the restaurant. But homemade things are just another thing. Homemade foods are just not foods. They carry a lot of love, affection and touch of the heart. You can make your special person surprised and impressed by offering him you own handmade cookies or deserts or other foods.

Christmas tree is the main attraction of Christmas from a long time ago. Christmas seems not Christmas without Christmas tree. This tree is not costly. You can buy a medium size of Christmas tree for your close buddy and gift it by decorating it with a lot of color and lights. This will be a perfect gift for Christmas.

Purse or wallet

Each and every people carry wallets or purse every time. These stuffs hold their money, card and many important documents. Purse and wallets are not so costly and you can find them in the market under your budget. You can be remembered by the person all the time if you gift him or her purse or wallet.

Creative photo album

Creativity always attracts the people with something new. You can give surprise to the concern person by showing so

me of your creativity. You can gift him creative photo album or Photo College. Those photos can carry your and the persons face. You can also give your own handmade photo frame.

Handmade card with gift box

Handmade theme card can be the best choice for cheap Christmas gift. This thing doesn’t need a lot of money but express a lot of care and affection. Hold a hard paper and color it. Then write something from your heart and decorate it with nice design. Buy some little toys and wrap it in a box. Then gift this theme card and gift box to the particular man or woman you want to give. You can be sure that he or she must love it. They will be impressed.


If you do not have enough money in your pocket, please do not be freak out. You can make it if you want. You can make those cheap gifts priceless if you give them with the full of your heart. Do not ruin this Christmas celebration of your near and dear people.


-I hope you’ll be helped by these Cheap Christmas gift ideas. Good luck.




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