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Best Destinations in the World: Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a dynamic South American city and is considered to be one of the premiere destinations this side of the Pacific. Called the “Paris of South America,“ Buenos Aires is a name that means ”fair winds.”

Best Places to Visit in Argentina

-This unique cultural destination serves as the main start off point for any kind of South American adventure. The people of Buenos Aires are called Portenos, which means “people from the port,” and they welcome millions of tourists annually.

This colorful cultural capital offers a multitude of social activities, from sightseeing historical monuments to walking through chic shopping places. One of the best places to start exploring in Buenos Aires is the Promenade in Palermo. Tourists can walk around the expansive open space and the landscaped flower garden, and even rent paddle boats in the nearby lake.

La Boca is another famous Argentine stop. Tourists can find different kinds of arts and crafts along its pedestrian street, especially during the day.

Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Tango dancers are also a common sight in La Boca, and tourists can take a picture with them for a small fee. Another place to see in Buenos Aires is the Cementerio de la Recoleta, where affluent Argentine families lay their loved ones to rest in intricate tombstones and monuments.


Its most famous resident is Eva Peron, and visitors drop by daily to visit her tomb. The Palermo Viejo district has its own charm with the cobblestone streets, bars, and shops. The weekly fair and market in San Telmo is a famous Argentine attraction, and tourists usually stay on Sunday nights to watch the tango, a dance that’s clearly one of the main draws in Buenos Aires.

Tango has been such a popular activity in Buenos Aires that some guided tours are dedicated to this popular dance. The best place is to experience the tango is a milonga, where specific tango dances take place. One popular tango place is the Confiteria Ideal Suipacha. Some tourists even take short tango lessons to get the most out of the tango experience. Other activities in Buenos Aires include skydiving, experiencing the life of an Argentine cowboy, wine tasting and food tours. Argentina is a known football country, especially in Buenos Aires, where it hosts the country’s most popular teams, the Boca Juniors, and River Plate. Even for a football newbie, just seeing these matches and experience the intense and lively atmosphere of every football game is a sight to see.

Visit in Argentina

Another popular sport in Argentina is polo, and this country is known to have one of the best polo teams in the world. For public transportation, tourists can choose between the new light rail system, or use the Subte or underground rail. Tourists should keep in mind that the seasons and weather in the southern hemisphere are different.

Nice video of 10 things to do in Argentina:

Summer happens around December to February while winter is from June to August. It can get really humid in the summer, so the best time to travel to Buenos Aires is around spring from September to November or fall from March to May

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