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Baby showers are no longer organized and conducted the way they used to be. Nowadays, they are more about having fun, making the pregnant woman feel special, and taking her mind off the stresses of pregnancy. These days it’s not just women, but even men are also invited to baby showers. Baby showers are celebrated with the same gusto as one’s anniversary or birthday. When preparing for a Fun baby shower, besides giving special attention to the baby shower invitations, baby shower food, baby shower favors, planning entertaining and cool baby shower games is equally important, so that the guests do not feel bored, and enjoy themselves as much as they can.

-Here is a list of some easy baby shower games, which can add a lot of fun to your party. Fun and Easy Baby Shower Games

Clothe Me, Mama,

Best Fun baby shower

This is an entertaining game which the couples will enjoy playing together. To play this game, you will need diapers, diaper pins as well as baby dolls. Give each couple a baby doll, diapers, and diaper pins.

-The couples have to work as a team and put the diaper on the baby doll as fast as they can. You start the game with the whistle, and the couple that who would be able to put the diaper on the baby doll fastest will be declared the winner.

Drink Milk Grow Big

baby bottles

This game has to be played individually. To play this game, fill baby bottles with milk. Put nipples on the mouth of the bottles and handover them to each guest you have invited for your baby shower party. Next, ask the guests to suck the milk from the bottle. With a clap give the signal to start the game, the guest who will be able to drink the milk fastest will be the winner.

Bend the Belly

If you are looking for some unique, original and easy baby shower games ideas, then this one will surely serve the purpose. To play this game, you need big inflated balloons and beads. You can start by asking each of the guests to put the balloons under their shirts and dresses.

Next, throw the beads on the floor. Now, the guests have to bend their bellies and pick up beads from the floor. If the balloons go bust, the person is out of the game. The guest who is able to collect a maximum number of beads in two minutes is the winner.

The name is the Game


This is one of the easiest baby shower games. For this, make an alphabetical list and hand it over to all your guests. Now, the guests have to come up with different baby names starting with each alphabet. The guest who finishes the list fastest and comes up with all correct baby names is the winner.

Guess My Size


This is an interesting game for a baby shower. To play this game, hand over strings to each of your guests. Next, ask the guests to guess the size of the tummy of the mother-to-be. The guests have to tell their guesses with the strings, by tying two ends together. When the guests are done, collect all the strings from the guests. Next, measure the size of the tummy of the would-be mother, and also of the strings. Winner will be the guest whose guess is the closest to the actual tummy size.

-Baby showers are a good way to make the would-be mother feel comfortable, and also to celebrate the baby’s arrival. By including these unique, entertaining and easy baby shower games, you can make your special event, a wonderful and everlasting memory.

Happy baby shower!!

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