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Applying Cute Nail Designs Is Easier Than Ever Before

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Cute nail designs have certainly come a long way since the days of press-on nails and high-strength glue. These products are now both eye-catching and easy to apply, making them perfect for women who want stylish looks for the office and equally amazing for teens and young girls who are looking for a fun, fashionable activity to fill their time. The latest innovations in cute nail designs are great for sleepovers and any other get-together with friends. Following are a few of the top options in these products along with tips for getting a flawless finish.

Stick-On Nail Designs

A number of the top designs are already cut in the shape of fingernails. Rather than painting the nail surface with a colored nail polish and then attempting to apply small decals to the tiny surface of the nail, ladies can simply choose shapes that are perfectly-sized to their nails and use these in place of polish. They come with solid cute nailsbackground colors and in an array of colorful prints and patterns. These are then applied from the cuticle to the tip of the nail by peeling them off of their backing, lining them up with the nail surface and then pressing them firmly in place. They adhere to the nail surface perfectly, without bubbling, ripping or folding at the edges. Any excess material from these cute nail designs can then be trimmed off with a standard pair of nail clippers. Ladies can have fantastic looking nails in a matter of minutes.

Decals For Painted Nails

If you have steady hands and ample patience, you can also apply nail decals. These are cute nail designs that are meant to be used on top of nails that have been painted with a solid-color polish. They are great for creating elegant looks and for recreating many of the styles that are commonly created in nail salons. Simply wait until your polish is fully dry, pull the plastic backing off of these decals and stick them on. The best thing about these cute nail designs is the fact that you can move them around. If you don’t like the way that these look once they have been positioned on the surface of the nail, you can simply pull them of and put them in a new position. Given that these are not shaped to fit the nail exactly, you can use these cute nail designs on your toes too.

Decorative Jewels

Some of the best cute nail designs are great for girls of every age. Among these are decorative jewels that are similar in function to nail decals. These are small-sized gems that are designed to look just like diamonds, rubies and emeralds. You can use them to create a high-fashion look right on your hands and in mere minutes. Some people like putting a single jewel on each nail, while others like using these shiny gems to create patterns of their own. You can use these jewels along with stick-on nail designs and nail decals in order to create a look that is all your own.

Getting The Best Results When Using Cute Nail Designs At Home

Cute nail designs are currently so easy to apply that anyone can use these products and look like they’ve been professional nail salon. It is always a good idea to start with a clean surface, however, especially if you intend to use stick-on products that cover the whole surface of the nail. You should remove all old polish and let the nail dry completely. Avoid using moisturizing products on the hands before these applications as the oils from hand creams can prevent the product adhesives from working. It is also a good idea to make sure that you are purchasing cute nail designs that are the perfect size for your hands. Fortunately, girls can find comprehensive sets as part of complete nail design kits. These have a colorful array of nail design patterns and hues and they also have stick-on nail designs, decals and gems in all shapes and sizes. These kits are ideal for slumber parties and other events where ladies will spend lots of time chatting and doing each other’s nails.

There are many benefits in opting to use cute nail designs. Stick-on products do not have the same toxic ingredients that most nail polishes do. You do not have to use caustic nail polish remover solutions in order to get them back off. Best of all, there are no major messes to worry about. People can do their nails without fear of splashes, spills or other problems. This is why cute nail designs are so popular among teens and young girls. Nail design kits make great birthday and holiday gifts and ladies love them.

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