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Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs “Review”

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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

Anthon berg chocolate liqueurs with Original Spirits

The Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs with Original Spirits is a beautiful gift box comprising of 64 bottles filled with Chocolate Liqueur. It comes from Anthon Berg, one of the biggest and oldest Danish names. A reputed name in the production of filled chocolates since 1884, Anthon Berg is famous for the title “Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court.”

anthon berg chocolate liqueurs


The box contains gourmet chocolate bottles that are permeated with luscious liqueurs like Galliano Vanilla Liqueur, Drambuie, Cutty Shark Scots whiskey, Grand Marnier Liquor, Cointreau Specialty de France, Jack Daniel’s Tenessee Whiskey, Danika Cranberyraz Vodka also Borghetti Caffe Espresso.

It features such reputed liquor brand names as Caffé Borghetti, Danka Vodka, Remy Martin Cognac, Cointreau French Cocktail, Canadian Club Whiskey, Sauza Tequila Gold, Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey and Galliano Herbal Liqueur. It is recommended that you store the product away from light and heat sources.

Anthon Berg is one of the most beautiful names in the market, and the product quality is of the highest order.

The pack of chocolate liqueurs is filled with original spirits, and no sugar crust has been used on the inner side of the bottle.

The maker has used mouthwatering dark chocolate with the favorite liquor brands in amazing chocolate bottles.

Whether for Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other occasion, it can be a  perfect gift.

The Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits product comes in an elegant presentation box and can be a perfect holiday gift, thank you gift, corporate gift, or any other type.



  • Users have commented that the Anthon berg chocolate liqueurs look and taste great.
  • The foil over the bottles can be removed easily and look chic.
  • The chocolate is delicious and of the most exceptional quality, just what you would love to sweeten up any occasion.
  • The genuine spirits are of superior quality, and the fact that many brands have been featured in the same product makes it much more special for those who love their booze.
  • There are healthy as well as lightweight stuff, and the brands have been featured at random to satisfy the varied requirements of different types of buyers.

Dark Chocolate Liqueurs 2


  • The Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits product comes in cardboard box packaging, and a slight slip from the hand can break the bottles inside.
  • Packaging of a firmer material would have been safer and more appreciated.
  • Also, the content has nut and dairy traces which can be allergens for some people, especially those who suffer from lactose intolerance.
  • The product is recommended to be gifted only after knowing for sure that your recipient does not suffer from allergies to any of the product ingredients.



The Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits can be a great gift for the hostess of any party.

No matter what kind of occasion you are going to, it will make an elegant gift, and you will simply love to hand it over to a friend, colleagues, family member, or even your boss’ wife.



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