A Christmas Party For Girls Only

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-Planning a girls only Christmas party? -One for all the single girls in your circle?  -A fun hen party?


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” We’ll then custom personalize each invitation card with all of the important details, including: the host’s name(s), date, time and location of the celebration, along with any other details.   Include any Laura Ashley Girls Dress, Little Girls Flower Party Dress Rich with blossoms, this beautiful Laura Ashley dress is sure to brighten any special occasion.

Christmas Party For Girls

Cinderella Girls Dress, Little Girls Flower Party Dress With a fabulously full skirt and hand-rolled flower applique at the waist, this beautiful dress from Cinderella is truly fairy tale-esque!

Laura Ashley Girls Dress, Little Girls party Dress A budding favorite not to be forgotten. This flower-adorned Laura Ashley dress is one for the keepsake chest. Garden party perfect! Rosettes come into bloom on a beautifully scalloped, vine-embroidered Laura Ashley dress.

Here a Fun Youtube video:

-How about a spa party for you and your guests. You know, welcome your guests into a home that has been transformed into an exclusive spa. A heavenly Christmas spa just for you and your pals.Ok, maybe minus all the health food.. I’m on a starvation and can only eat rabbit food type of spa.Let’s have a luxurious pamper yourself silly this Christmas, spa party.
Start with a fabulous Christmas spread. Honey baked ham. The works. Send a food hamper to yourself. You and your guests can have fun munching what’s in it.Make some yummy salads with fruit, exotic hams and some favourite greens.

My 6 year old loves cucumber sandwiches, made by removing the bread crust of sliced bread, spreading the bread with butter, and filling it with thinly sliced, organic Japanese cucumber. I prefer that with a touch of salt and pepper.
Ok, that’s the food part. It it Christmas after all, so have a nice Christmas spread.

Order a honey baked ham Light some scented candles for ambience, or at least, dim the lights.

Now for the fun part. What is a spa without lots of mud.You could take turns giving each other facials, manicure, and lying around covered with mud.Then again you could have a really fun mud fight. Slinging dead sea mud at each other.

spa girlz mud

Ok, everyone could change into their swimming costumes, take a shower and cover one another with mud.

From head to toe. Then lie on a giant mat or plastic sheet and gossip while you wait for the mud to dry. Just remember to rinse off and wear clean clothes when it is time to go home.

“Check All Christmas decorations, Christmas party invitations, Christmas party supplies an And Get up to %40 this Chrismas

There is mud for the face, mud for the body. You’ll need lots and lots of that. Mud for different skin types.

Have fun girls!!!

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