Gifts for Barbeque Guy 2016

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-Ok ladies

He is king of the coals. Barbeque grilling is his passion and hobby. Put an apron on him and point him towards a grill and he’s in heaven. If this sounds like someone on your gift list, then find a gift that play to his strengths.

Here are 4 ideas for romantic gifts that the barbeque man will love.

A New Grill


This is the ultimate gift. He may have been making due with that charcoal grill he got five years ago. You watch him lovingly clean “his baby” after each grilling success. It may be time to upgrade. Buy him that new smoker or gas grill he’s been wanting for some time now. He won’t believe his eyes.Utensils for Cooking What’s a grill without the right tools? Mitts, spatulas, forks, and brushes, are all an integral part of the grilling process. Get him a talking barbeque thermometer. He won’t have to read anymore, just listen to find out if the steaks are done.

Beverage Cooler

People that love to grill love to have others enjoy their work. When you both have friends over for a backyard barbeque, give them a cool drink without running back and forth in the house or refilling the ice chest. These coolers keep the temperature consistently cool so no one gets a lukewarm beverage while they wait for hot food.

Gift Certificate for the Best Meats

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Any grilling master worth his salt needs the best foods for his grill. Omaha Steaks and Hickory Farms have reputations for their fine foods. Omaha Steaks offers the best cuts of beef, chicken, seafood, and pork that money can buy. Order online and have it delivered right away. All foods are vacuum sealed to thaw in as little as five minutes. A gift certificate gives him access to the best foods without the hefty price tag.

Contest EntriesIs your man a competitive griller?

Gifts for Barbeque Guy

Enter him into some contests. He may even have his own special barbeque sauce recipe that friends would buy if they could. On the Food Network and in magazines like Cooking Light, contests are advertised all the time for cooking competitions. Prizes range from money to new barbeque products to trips.

If you have a man that can cook and loves to do it, keep him around. Getting gifts that are perfect for his love of cooking can not only spice up the meal but maybe your love life too.

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